Puzzle & Dragons W Gets a Release Date

In addition to determining the top Puzzle & Dragons player in Japan, GungHo took the occasion of its 2014 Puzzle & Dragons fan appreciation event to give Puzzle & Dragons W a release date: July 17th. As previously explained by GungHo, Puzzle & Dragons W is a semi-followup, which will offer a variety of upgrades to the core Puzzle & Dragons experience, in addition to offering a new puzzle-focused mode stripped of RPG elements.

Dragon Quest XI Won’t be Designed for Smartphones

Calm down, everybody: Horii reiterates that Dragon Quest XI won’t be designed for smartphones and tablets.

In an excerpt from a recent interview with VJump, Horii says:

[…] The smartphone versions [of Dragon Quest titles] are so people who don’t own a game device other than a smartphone can play the games. We aren’t designing the games to take advantage of smartphones’ capabilities. In fact, with the next Dragon Quest, we’d like to go with something a little more big-impact than what we could do on smartphones.

Right now people play smartphone games here and there when they have a few minutes, but I think that’s coming to an end. People are going to want to play games with a bit more substance. I want to make games that respond to this demand.

This Week In Mobairu, May 12th through 17th (Part 2) dena granblue fantasy

Along with Gree, DeNA (and its Mobage social gaming platform) is regarded as one of the largest causalities of the user shift to smartphones. Although DeNA has taken measures to shore up its business model, such as cancelling browser-based titles for standard mobile phones and phasing out non-performing titles and social services, the company continues to experience losses as it struggles to come to terms with the new mobile reality in Japan. Continue reading […]

This Week In Mobairu, May 12th through 17th (Part 1) this week in mobairu 17MAY2014

With a slowness to turn its attention toward apps and mobile tech that’s trending elsewhere, and an idiosyncratic set of chart-topping software, the Japanese mobile scene mystifies and is often considered a smartphone Galapagos. Continue reading […]

Gunners Heart Impressions: Fight or Flight gunners-heart-lead-image

Gunners Heart is a 3D, on-the-rails shooter from Japanese indie developer EasyGameStation with an interesting dynamic between your ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities that forces the player to make some tough calls in the heat of battle. It’s a nice throwback to games of yore like StarFox and Panzer Dragoon with mechanics that may remind some of Treasure’s Ikaruga. Continue reading […]

Soul Anchor 2 Impressions: Hooked soul-anchor-2-lead-image

Soul Anchor 2, from indie developer Zwei, takes Minamitsu Murasa from the Touhou Project series and thrusts her into a puzzle platformer with some elements borrowed from games like Bionic Commando and the Umihara Kawase series. Though the level of challenge may not be that great if Bionic Commando is second-nature to you (and thanks to a certain game design element), it’s an enjoyable experience that’s worth playing through at least once. Continue reading […]

Asahina Mikuru’s Side-Scrolling Action Game Impressions: Cat Scratch Fever asahina-mikuru-featured

I want to begin by saying that I am not able to fully appreciate Japanese indie group Shindenken‘s Asahina Mikuru no Yoko Scroll Action (Asahina Mikuru’s Side-Scrolling Action Game; we’ll call it Asahina Mikuru for short). I played this addictive, feline-filled platformer for several hours without any awareness that it was based on a well-known series of Japanese light novels, and more specifically, on a fictional sub-story within the anime adaptation of those novels. That said, this lack of knowledge/lack of appreciation of the source material did nothing to diminish the fun I had with this enjoyably frantic game. Continue reading […]

Chiruno Freezer Demo Impressions: Ice Ice Baby chiru-no-freezer-1080-009

I had the opportunity to test out the most recent demo for Japanese indie developer Zwei’s upcoming game Chiruno Freezer. While it’s still very much a work in progress, it definitely shows a lot of potential at this stage. Continue reading […]

Colopl Releases Q2 Figures, Announces “Truly Mainstream” Title Shiro Neko Project

Colopl today released cumulative sales figures for its Q1 and Q2, beginning on October 1st 2013 and ending on March 31st of this year. Continue reading […]

Croixleur Sigma Impressions: A Short But Sweet Hack’n Slash Romp croixleur-sigma-key-art

Croixleur Sigma from Japanese indie developer souvenir circ. and localization group nyu media is a straight-to-the-point action game, pure and simple. Based around arena modes you might find here and there in mainstream releases (Devil May Cry and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess come to mind), it has no greater ambition than that, and exceeds rather well at this goal. Continue reading […]

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