Navigate Japan’s Real-Life Labyrinth in Shinjuku Dungeon

March 13th, 2014 by in , ,

Anyone who’s ever been through Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station can understand why it has a reputation as being Japan’s “real-life dungeon”. It’s a pretty confusing place!

Fortunately, JR East Japan has this handy-dandy map to guide you:

jr shinjuku station map

If you’re thinking it looks like something straight out of a video game, developer UeharaLabo agrees, taking the idea so far as to get all meta on us and release a video game version of Japan’s real-life labyrinth: Shinjuku Dungeon.

From UeharaLabo’s description:

Thanks to its complexity, Shinjuku Station is often called “Japan’s dungeon”. Let’s tackle that dungeon and go on an adventure!

The farthest reach of Shinjuku Station is connected to the Tokyo Government Office. Solve puzzles and explore to reach the TGO and get your hands on the legendary crystal!

UeharaLabo claims that Shinjuku Dungeon is a complete recreation of its namesake (albeit with treasure chests and monsters), so those planning a trip to Tokyo can consider it practice for the real event. Tackle Shinjuku Dungeon‘s “collection mode”, and be sure to have no problems negotiating Tokyo’s real-life labyrinth. It’s likely to add hours to your available sightseeing time.

Shinjuku Dungeon is available for free for iOS and Android. Just follow the links on UeharaLabo’s page.