Colopl Releases Q2 Figures, Announces “Truly Mainstream” Title

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Shiro Neko Project

Colopl today released cumulative sales figures for its Q1 and Q2, beginning on October 1st 2013 and ending on March 31st of this year. Continue reading […]

Three Sumaho Titles to Look Out For in the Coming Months

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Maybe you’ve noticed this, but there sure are a lot of games being released for iOS and Android these days! It can be tough to know what to keep an eye out for. Well, here’s three titles that are shaping up to be pretty good: Continue reading […]

colopl Holds Conference to Discuss Earnings and Forecasts

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The following is a partial translation of the Social Game Info article on colopl’s investor conference, with additional information from colopl’s investor release

January 29th: colopl held a conference to address its financial results for the quarter beginning in October and ending in December of 2013. colopl announced sales of 11 billion yen for the quarter, a 70 percent increase from the preceding quarter. colopl’s operating profits increased twofold in comparison to the preceding quarter to a total of 4.8 billion yen, demonstrating the company’s rapid financial growth. Continue reading […]